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Dr.Fone Supports Almost All Android Devices and Tablets. Easy to Recover Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Calls History, and Many More.

The Dr.Fone is an application that has been introduced to recover data on Smartphones and Tablets. The Dr.Fone app is famous for its recovery rate among most clients. Well, the app can retrieve any item including photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more. There are exciting features in this application that includes the transferring of any files between devices and PC wirelessly. Since its wireless, there will be no need for the use of cables. The only requirement is you will have to go to web.drfone.me in a browser.

It also has the Recovery feature. What happens in the recovery feature is new data will overwrite that deleted data. That is how the application works.ย  Dr Fone supports the recovering of photos and videos from the cache, thumbnails, memory card, and internal memory and rooting is not necessary for this step. Dr Fone also supports the recovery of photos & videos, Message, Contacts and here you will find rooting necessary. It is also supportive of scanning and the recovery from all of your deviceโ€™s internal and external memory. It supports photo formats such as the JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and TIFF formats.ย  It also supports a range of video formats such as MP4 (Taken by Camera), 3GP, MOV, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, RM/RMVB, M4V, 3G2, and SWF.

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Before recovery, you can verify your data one by one.


Recover any data you want on your device.


Easy to recover data safely without harm your device.


No data upload on cloud. Privacy protected.


User-friendly interface. Easy to use for everyone.


Ability to root, unlock, erase data permanently, repair iOS system and switch data to another.

Other Recovery Areas You May Need To Know

It does not stop from the above recovery areas but does other recovery activities as well. It makes the deep recovery where Dr.Fone works with the desktop version. Here it will support the recovery of data loss scenarios, such as data that has been deleted accidentally, rooting errors, the OS update and system crash. There are some other exciting features where you would see the transfer feature. In the transfer feature, you would see that the transferring of files could be quickly done on the Dr.Fone app wirelessly. For this feature to work correctly you will have to make sure that your device and computer is under the same network or the same Wi-Fi.


What Other Features Does Dr.Fone Support?

It also comes with a Recycle Bin where rooting is unnecessary. The recycle bin here is just like the one that you have on your windows or Mac desktop computer. It is similar to progress. You could move the photos and videos to the Recycle Bin when you want to delete them. In that way you can restore them anytime, you want. It also comes with a desktop version where you have to have a simple click to get the Dr Foneย app to do its job. The ratings of this app are too high, and it is known to be 100% safe and secure. You could also backup Android data to a computer with just one click.

What Are The Supported Devices Of This Application?

The Dr Fone supports both Android as well as iOS versions. The app is designed to help both versions. In the section here, it is all about features unique to the app in detail. For instance, the transferring feature is all about iOS phone transferring. The transferring feature can be done between any iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, and computers. The feature here lets you transfer contacts, music, videos, etc. on you on your iPhone or iPad.

It also helps you in managing data where you could either export data or add and delete. The iTunes is not necessary here for you to do the transfers.ย  When it comes to the iOS system, it would also allow you to repair the system. By sitting at your home, you could get on with recovering your system. You could find solutions to your iOS system issues without any loss of data. There is no data loss at all. Any iOS model is supported including iPhone; iPad and iPod touch by this Dr Fone iOS App.

The erase feature is another unique feature to this application. Using this feature, you could easily wipe a whole phone and also you could also delete all your personal data. It is merely a simple click process. Once you single click, it is going to let you erase all your data. All your data will get permanently deleted, and you are going to love the way the app works. Once your data is deleted, no one will be able to either recover or go through your private data. It also looks for junk files and removes them by allowing your iPhone or iPad to speed up. The application here will also allow you to compress photos on your iPhone or iPad using the lossless method to free up storage.

Dr Fone Android
Dr Fone iOS

What Are The Other Top Features?

Next, you have the switch feature. Here it is about clicking to copy from one phone to another. The process is easy and fast. You will find it very easy with this app to move data between devices that have different systems.ย  The switching could be done between iOS and Android devices. You would find it easy to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and music. It is a single click process. There is also the backup and restore option. You will find it interesting because the feature allows you to preview as well as repair any available item from the backup and you could get the backup done on iOS as well as Android devices. There is also the option of restoring using the iCloud or iTunes backups, and this process could be done selectively on your iPhone and iPad. There would also be no data loss on devices during transfer, backing up and restoring. The other available feature is the unlocking feature. You could easily unlock screen passwords using the iPhone or iPad.In here, there is no additional technical knowledge required, and anyone could know the method to use it. Within five minutes, the screen could be unlocked. This unique feature is that it is compatible with the latest iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus.

ย More Features of Dr Fone Toolkit

It also is designed in a way that it could help with restoring social apps. By using this application, you will be able to protect your chat history in whatsoever social network that you are using. The backups that you do could be saved in your computers, and it is just one click that is needed for you to back up your chat history.ย  The items that you export could also be used for printing. The backup content could be restored, and you could use only the data you want.

Solutions For Common Problems That Might Occur When Downloading The App

When you are getting the Dr.Fone to your iDevice and Android devices, you will come across specific issues. Let us go through some of them. When you have an iPhone or Android device indeed you will be looking for apps to be downloaded. In some instances, you would come across issues. Most people come across download failures. So, hereโ€™s a section on what errors are apparent and how you are going to solve them.

Connection errors are some common problems. Such mistakes will happen when your network has weak signals. Even wireless networks get weak signals. In such cases, make sure that you have your mobile system switched off and switched on again.ย  You could download apps such as dr.fone only if there is a strong signal. The other barrier when it comes to downloading apps is if there is not enough space on your phone. You should have enough space on your phone or else you will fail in downloading the app. What happens when you download apps when the memory is full is that there will be a hindrance to the downloading of the app that you want. So before downloading, spend some time going through your phone and freeing up some space on your phone memory. You could remove media files to get space. By using utility software, you could transfer junk files and cache to have space on your phone.

You would also find compatibility issues where the app can be downloaded successfully only if it is the right version that you have chosen. Sometimes, an SD card is required to get apps and thus make sure that there is ample space on your SD card.ย  Sometimes, you will need to re-download due to update failures. Updating your phone and downloading once again would be helpful.

Latest Download Dr.Fone On Your PC

What Are The Other Problems That You Would Come Across?

Sometimes the apps that you use tend to be not working, and at such moments and such instances, you will have to reboot your iPhone or Android device. The connection will be reset, and you will be able to start with a fresh download. Also, suppose the app has been installed but still not working, you will have to quit from the app and start to download again. The best thing to do is to remove the app and install it once again from the app. The other common error is due to bugs; the updates will not be done. In that case, try to get the latest version of the application.

If the app indicates an installation failure, that is also one common issue. The reason for this is because the download has not been successful. Therefore, what you will have to do is to come out of the software, and then reboot the phone. After restarting, you will have to install the software once again. Interruptions occur due to connection errors, and software issues.ย  So before you start with downloads, make sure to have your phone updated and with enough space.

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How To Prepare A Device For Jailbreak Or Rooting With Dr.Fone?ย ย 

The purpose of Android rooting is to get control of the Android operating system. The benefits of having root access done are that you will be able to uninstall apps that have been already downloaded.ย  When rooting has been done your system apps also start to run fast. Therefore, it is somewhat important to have an idea about android rooting.

Before you carry on rooting, there are several things that you will have to complete. You will have to make sure to have a full backup of your Android data to prevent from losing all your important stuff. By having a backup, you could prevent data loss.ย  The rooting process is a massive process, and so you will have to have your mobile phone fully charged. If your phone is not fully loaded at the time the process is happening, you will have troubles in the rooting process. There will be a hindrance to the process.ย  Next, choose one of the best rooting tools available, or you are going to cause damage on your phone. The Dr.Fone is an excellent rooting tool, and in the next section, it is all about how you could use Dr Fone root your Android phone.

You can jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device using proper jailbreak tool without any doubt. If there is any issue, you can recovery your data easily using Dr Fone iOS app.


Dr Fone Recover

Dr. Fone - Data Recovery | Rooting | Unlocking Video Tutorial

Here Are The Steps You May Need To Follow

If you are using dr.fone, it is just a single click that is needed. On one click, your Android phone or tablet will be rooted safely. You have to know the correct method of rooting your device, or you will fall into trouble.ย  This app here supports around 7,000 Android devices running on Android 2.2 or a version above. The Dr.Fone is a safe and secure application, and it has a success rate in the industry.

First, install the application and launch the Android root.ย  You only have to double click on the Android Root icon after that go to the Android Root option on the interface. Next, connect your Android mobile to your computer by using your mobile USB cable. After your phone is detected, click on the Root Now button on the software interface. Finally, the rooting will start. Once the rooting is successful, you will find a message as Phone Rooted. That means the rooting has been successful.

Is Dr.Fone Safe To Use?

As for the safety side, yes the Dr Fone is safe to use. It is both safe for Android as well as iOS. The program is also free of malware and virus issues. Therefore, the application Dr.Fone is something great to use!


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