Dr Fone for Android 9.0 Pie

If you have read about our Dr Fone articles, you may have an idea about what is Dr Fone and what does it do. Anyway, today we are going to present to you about another kind of version of Dr Fone. That is Dr Fone for Android 9.0 Pie and we will concern on identifying what is Android 9.0 pie and then how Dr Fone will assist for it!

Dr Fone for Android 9.0 Pie

What is Android 9.0Pie?

You know that always people do not need to stick to one mobile version and constantly pursue more advanced versions on their mobiles. Therefore, even in Android devices, you may have heard that there are different kinds of Android versions such as Android lolly pop, marshmallow and etc. Here. Android 9.0 pie also recognized as such an advanced and the latest versions of Android.

As mentioned above, people like to upgrade the latest versions of Android devices in order to experience an enhanced and new mobile service. In the same way. Android 9.0 pie version has also excited many Android users. Yet, unfortunately after installing Android 9.0 pie version, a lot of Android users had to face many data loses on their devices. They also found that some of the data recovering software that are available in the software industry can not help them in recovering their lost data. Feeling disappointed to upgrade this latest version of Android due to data loss that will happen?

Keep reading to see how can you get back data on an Android 9.0 pie upgraded Android device!

What is Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie?

As you identified what is Android 9.0 pie, now let us find about what is Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie and what sort of relationship it has with Android 9.0 pie upgraded Android devices.

You already might have heard that Dr Fone is the world’s number one and the first ever data recovering software that was introduced by the Wondershare software company. It offers its services for many almost all the mobile devices in the world through its different versions of software toolkits such as Dr Fone for Android, Dr Fone Windows, Dr Fone for iOS and etc. On the other hand, Dr Fone does not only fulfill the need of data recovering on mobile devices but also many other needs such as rooting, repairing, unlocking, transferring data and many others covering almost all the software and hardware needs of mobile devices.

However, after Android 9.0 pie version spread among the Android users they understood that a lot of users have lost their valuable data on their Android devices and that other data recovering software cannot give our proper solutions for recovering the data which get lost during the process of upgrading Android 9.0 pie version. Therefore, that made Dr Fone rethink about renewing their software in order to provide assistance for data recovery in newly Android 9.0 pie upgraded Android mobile devices. This version is known as Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie.

Features of Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie

Supports for many devices.

The main feature of Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie is that it can support more than 2000 plus Android devices and various Android OC including Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto X, Sony, Google and etc.

Recover media files.

Dr Fone for Android 9.0 Pie will be able to help you to get your photos, videos, audio and other media files on your Android devices is another specialty.

Recover other files.

Apart from recovering media files, another special feature that this Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie is that it can retrieve or get back almost all the other types of data such as call history, messages, deleted contacts including the names and numbers of them, emails and email addresses and etc.

Data Transferring

Despite data recovering, you learned that Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie can perform many needs of Android devices and transferring is considered as one of them. Here, it can be used to transfer any sort of file from your device into a computer or any device.

Data Erasing

This can be identified as one of the most important tasks that can be completed by Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie systems. You know that deleted data can be retrieved and therefore your data has no guaranteed safety. However, Dr Fone helps you to delete or rather erase the deleted data and guarantees that no one will be able to recover them and use it harmfully saving the privacy on your mobile.

Lock Screen Unlocking

You know that sometimes you can forget the passwords on your device. However, if you forget your lock screen password, you will be unable to log into your Android device. Yet, now with Dr Fone, you will be able to unlock the lock screen of your Android 9.0 pie upgraded device very easily.

How to use Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie?

Since now you know what are the features and functions of this amazing app, you want to see how to use it. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to use Dr Fone for your Android 9.0 upgraded mobile device!

Download Dr Fone and install it on your computer

Connect it with your Android 9.0 pie version upgraded device with a USB cable while checking whether your mobile has USB debugging mode on because it will help Dr Fone to identify your device.

Select Recover option in Dr Fone toolkit

Dr Fone will display a preview of your deleted data and you can select what you need to be recovered.

Recover them

If this procedure is unclear for you, there are a variety of web and youtube videos where you can get help to see how to recover data from Dr Fone for Android 9.0 pie.

Hope you have got a clear idea on what is Android 9.0 pie version, what is Dr Fone and how it assists you to recover data on your Android 9.0 pie upgraded device.

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