Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4

Dr Fone is the world’s first and number one data recovering software and there is no doubt about it! Dr Fone was created by Wondershare software company first to give out solutions for data recovering in iOS devices. However, with the time, Dr Fone was expanded broadening its services for MAC and various other iOS devices, Windows and Android by introducing various versions of Dr Fone Toolkit such as Dr Fone for Mac, Dr Fone for Windows, Dr Fone for Android and etc. However, this article will pay attention to bringing about Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 and how to use it.

Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4

What is the purpose of Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4?

The main purpose in which Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 was created is to recover the data of iOS 12.1.4 devices that lost by deleting mistakenly or during an App installation, jailbreaking or ROM Flashing.

What are the special features of Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4?

Many people believe that Dr Fone is only a data recovering software in the web market. True, Dr Fone’s basic feature is to recover data, yet it carries many more features despite data recovering and below are some such special features that can be recognized with Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4.

Data Recovery

Dr Fone can retrieve any of your media files such as photos, videos, audio as well as all the other data such as call history, browsing history, messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts with names and etc.

Data Eraser

You know that you can’t wipe your hands by deleting your data and think that your precious data will not be used by any external parties. Especially, when there are thousands of apps where people can get back deleted data even from lock screen locked or hardware and software broken phones your privacy and safety cannot be guaranteed by no software company in the world. Yet, Dr Fone helps you and vouches that your deleted data will be erased forever and that is another special feature of this amazing app.

Data Transferring

Transferring data with an iOS device would be definitely not an easy task. Therefore, Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 has specially designed this transferring feature for its iOS 12.1.4 toolkit so that transferring of data with an iOS device will never be an irritating and troublesome act for you.

Data Repairing

Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 can give solutions for different minor issues that will arise on your iOS devices through this feature.

Now you may be curious enough to know about how to get this Amazing Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 for your iOS device, aren’t you?

Getting Dr Fone is rather a simple task and what you have to is to visit the official Drfone.info Web site and download Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4. Then by installing and connecting your device into a computer by using a USB cable, you will be able to experience the services offered by this amazing Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 app.

So, why are you still hesitating to get this marvelous multifunctional Dr Fone iOS 12.1.4 for your iOS device!

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