What is Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal?

Have you ever worried about not having the full control over your Android or iOS device? That you could not customize it enough to suit your requirements? Have you ever lost very important files and could not ever recover them or tried to Root your Android device and corrupted the device completely? Yeah, then you need Dr Fone for your mobile phone. It is a toolkit which can solve all your mobile device related issues with a set of different applications independent and co-related at the same time. So back to the original question. What is Dr Fone lock Screen Removal?

Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal

It is one of the applications included in the Dr Fone Toolkit. Either you can download the whole toolkit and use this feature or you can download only the Dr Fone lock screen removal and use it to fulfill your requirement of an effective lock screen remover.

Using Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal for Your Mobile Device

Features of Dr.Fone Toolkit

Dr.Fone toolkit comes in two different versions.

  • Dr Fone Toolkit for Android
  • Dr Fone Toolkit for iOS

These two toolkits have features common and unique for them. Therefore, by downloading the toolkit the device users can handle their device very efficiently than ever before.

Some of the features common to both include, Backup and restore, File transfer, Recover, Erase etc.

Dr Fone lock screen removal is one of the features included in the Android Toolkit for the device users. There is this application called Dr Fone Unlock Which is the same thing as Dr. Fone lock screen removal.

How to use the Dr Fone Lock screen removal tool?

You can download the application for Windows PC through the developer’s website.

Developers of Dr Fone toolkit are Wonder Share Software developers who have also developed hundreds of other successful applications popular worldwide such as the Fillmore – Mobile Video Editor.

This tool very commonly becomes useful to Android users because they often forget the screen lock of their devices and get locked out. So even though an easy format may remove the lock, you will lose all the data in the device.

To avoid the loss of data and to use the device by accessing it normally. Dr Fone lock screen removal can be of immense help.

First, you have to download the free trial version or the registered version of the application to the PC which is only available for Windows. Then launch the application.

Connect your Android mobile to the PC you want to unlock with a USB cable.

This is available to Samsung or LG Android devices. You may try it on other devices as well. But the results are not guaranteed by the provider.

Once the app is launched, click on Unlock. After connecting the device, give Start. Select the model of your device. Then follow the steps guided by the application to successfully unlock the device without losing any of the important data in your device with the Dr Fone lock screen removal tool.

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