Dr.Fone Root Feature for iOS & Android Devices

About Dr.Fone

Through this article, we will discuss Dr.Fone Root. But before that, let us see what Dr. Fone is and what Dr. Fone Root is.

Dr.Fone is an application developed by the Wonder Share. They are one of the largest Software developers in the world, having developed hundreds of different applications. dr fone, in fact, is a toolkit. It is a compilation of several different features designed for data related features of Mobile devices.

Dr.Fone Root

Dr.Fone toolkit is a very simple application to perform multiple functions in your android devices. There are over 7000 devices supported by Dr.Fone and it is a very successful application in recovering, transferring and deleting data etc. like features.

Features of Dr.Fone

There are two different toolkits of Dr. Fone. One of them is the Dr.Fone iOS Toolkit and the other is the Dr.Fone Android Toolkit. Features available for two operating systems are different. Dr.Fone Root is a feature available for the Android toolkit.

Features of Android toolkit includes Dr.Fone Root, Recover, Transfer, Switch, Erase, Unlock, Backup and Restore features.

Features of Dr.Fone iOS Toolkit involves, Recover, Transfer, Switch, Backup and restore, erase, Repair, Unlock and restore social app features.

Specialty is that, without the toolkit, you can download each of these features separately as they can work independently and serve your required purpose.

Dr. Fone Root

Dr. Fone Root is one such independently usable applications of the Dr.Fone Toolkit. It is a very useful application for Android devices.

First, you have installed the application in the PC and launch it. Then connect the device to the PC using a USB cable. Then the Root feature can be enabled. Your device will start rooting and complete within several minutes. After that, it will show the Phone Rooted notification. This is a very quick process compared to other rooting applications.

Further, this is a free application. You can download it for free through the Wonder Share website.

Dr. Fone Root Compatibility

Dr. Fone Root is a special feature included in the Dr. Fone Android Toolkit. Rooting is a feature of Android mobile devices. Therefore, it is only available for Android tools. Further, it is not possible to root an Android device from Mac computer. Therefore, only the Windows computer version of Dr. Fone Root application is available.

It is compatible with latest versions of Windows including, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Further, all the latest Android devices including Android P devices can be rooted by Dr. Fone Root.

Is Dr. Fone Root Safe?

Wonder share guarantees 100% safety and security in rooting the device. It is very important to use a reliable rooting application because most root apps render your device completely useless after the rooting process is completed.

After Dr. Fone Root is completed, you can access more applications which are blocked by your carrier. Further, you can have custom ROMS installed in your Android device. Some of the new blocked features can be enjoyed even before they are officially released.

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