Dr Fone SIM Unlock

What is Dr Fone?

Dr Fone is an overall solution for all the mobile device issues. It is developed by the Wonder Share, which is one of the most popular software application developers in the world for mobile devices. There are many uses of the application since it is not just one application, but many tools together to solve many issues in mobile devices.

Dr Fone is compatible with Android and iOS devices and it is run on a pc platform which is supported by Windows or Mac Operating systems. Through this article, we will focus on one such tool in the Dr.Fone Toolkit, Dr Fone SIM Unlock.

Dr Fone Sim Unlock

Dr.Fone Toolkit

First, let us see in brief what Dr Fone Toolkit is. There are two different toolkits,

  1. Dr Fone Toolkit for Android
  2. Dr Fone Toolkit for iOS

Each toolkit has its own features which are used for those mobile operating systems.

Dr Fone Toolkit for iOS contains features like,

  • Data Recovery
  • System recovery
  • Data Backup & Restore
  • iOS Screen Recorder
  • Private data Easier
  • Full Data Eraser
  • WhatsApp Transfer & Backup
  • Line Data Backup & Restore
  • Kik Data Backup & Restore
  • Viber data Backup & Restore

Dr Fone Toolkit for Android contains features such as,

  • Data Recovery
  • Data Extraction
  • Dr Fone SIM Unlock
  • Root
  • Lock Screen Removal
  • Data Eraser
  • Data Backup & Restore etc.

How to Know the SIM is Locked?

SIM unlock is needed if the SIM is locked by your carrier of the Android device. Not all the Android devices are SIM locked. Therefore, first, you should identify whether your device is locked. This can be done by checking the device documentation of your Android device. Or simply, you can ask your carrier if the device is SIM locked. If it is locked, then it can be unlocked using the Dr Fone SIM Unlock or you can ask the Carrier to unlock it.

Carrier Unlock of the Device

Some of the device carriers may let you unlock the SIM. When you ask them to unlock it, they will send you a digital code which can be entered to unlock the SIM. Some of the devices may sometimes not get unlocked by the carrier provided codes. Some Android models by LG, such as LG U300, LG U8180 etc. cannot be unlocked by the carrier. For these types of devices, a different method has to be used.

Dr Fone SIM Unlock

Dr.Fone SIM Unlock can be used as a set of instructions for you to use to unlock the SIM lock. First, you have to find the IMEI number of your device by pressing *#06#. Then you have to find a reliable service provider which guarantees unlock of the device. It is better if you can do this through the carrier, and go for the third party unlocks as the last resort of help because most are very unreliable services and requires a certain payment as well.

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