Dr Fone Toolkit

Today, through this article we will discuss the Dr Fone Toolkit. As we have discussed many times, there are a set of device management tools called Dr Fone. The collection of all these tools is the Dr Fone Toolkit.

As you may be aware, there are many third-party applications required for the iOS and Android device management. But, rather than downloading these different applications, from different developers when you need them, what if you can have them as one package in your PC. Therefore, you won’t have to download tools for each requirement separately.

Dr Fone Toolkit

Actually, there are many Dr Fone applications. Some are not even included in the Dr Fone Toolkit. Therefore, there are some applications included in the toolkit.

But, before moving onto the applications, we will first see the compatibility of the. Dr Fone toolkit.

Dr Fone Android and iOS Toolkits

According to the usage, there are two main Dr Fone Toolkits.

  • DrFone toolkit for Android

The latest version of this is compatible with Android versions up to the latest Android P.

  • Dr Fone toolkit for iOS

The latest version of Dr Fone Toolkit for iOS is compatible with iOS versions up to the latest iOS 12. Therefore, it is usable with the latest iPhones such as iPhone XS etc.

However, Dr Fone is not a mobile toolkit. It is a series of desktop applications that are usable with the Windows and Mac OS. For all the iOS applications of the toolkit, there are two separate versions as Windows version and Mac version. But, for the Android tools, there is only the Windows version.

None of the Dr Fone applications are free software. For each of them, you have to pay a one-time licensing fee. There are many tools for many different uses, but only the trial version of those with a limited set of features are free to download. Therefore, for a 30 days period, you can use the Dr Fone toolkit for free. Then you have to pay the licensing fee for the developers.

Developers of the Dr.Fone Toolkit are the popular software company called Wonder Share. Therefore, all of these are reliable and secure applications to use.

So, now let us see the features included in each toolkit.
First, features in. Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android is,

  • Recover: to recover lost data
  • Erase: To delete data permanently
  • Root: to safely root the Android devices
  • Switch: to switch from one Android device to another by transferring all the needed data.
  • Backup and restore: to backup important files to the PC
  • Unlock: to remove the screen lock form the device
  • Data Extraction: recovering data from damaged devices

Secondly, the features of Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS can be discussed.

  • Data Recovery: recovering data lost from the iOS device safely
  • Switch
  • Unlock
  • System recovery
  • iOS screen recorder
  • Social media chat backup and restore
  • IOS private data eraser
  • IOS full data eraser etc.

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